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Eden of rainforest and lush vegetation

Uganda is the ultimate holiday destination for primate safaris – best for chimpanzees, colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys and a host of other species.


Uganda is mostly a plateau straddling the Equator, offering a unique blend of the savannah and rainforest, laced with mountains and lake habitats.

The country hosts more than 50% of the world’s mountain gorilla population and is one of the few countries where they can be encountered in their natural habitat.

Additionally, Uganda is home to a dozen other primate species including chimpanzees.

Places to visit in Uganda

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Bwindi Forest - Nyegere Safaris

Bwindi Forest

This is the ultimate destination for gorilla trekking experience in Uganda. A gorilla trek is wet, humid, muddy and tough but the experience is absolutely extraordinary.
Murchison Falls - Nyegere Safaris

Murchison Falls

This is the home of classic big game species such as elephant, buffalo, lion and hippo, close to 500 bird species,chimpanzees and colobus monkeys – in Uganda.
Queen Elizabeth - Nyegere Safaris

Queen Elizabeth

Uganda’s most popular savannah reserve and home to elephant, buffalo, leopard, numerous antelope species and the famous tree-climbing lions of the Ishasha Plains.
Kibale - Nyegere Safaris

Kibale Forest

Kibale Forest offers an accessible and enlightening insight into life in a tropical rainforest. It is most famous for its primates.
Lake Mburo - Nyegere Safaris

Lake Mburo

Lake Mburo is a perfect overnight stop-over for travellers making their way between Kampala and the gorilla trekking forests.

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