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Solo Travel

At times, more than yourself is a crowd

Sharing a safari with friends and family is always a good experience, but sometimes the best travelling partner is yourself. There are many advantages of travelling alone, with greater flexibility when it comes to travel arrangements allowing you to see the world on your own terms.


Solo travel, across East Africa, can be very liberating. Every aspect of your trip is often customised to your plans and interests – you can visit where you want, when you want, for a duration of your choice. It’s entirely up to you.


When travelling solo, you interact more with the locals and experience Africa much better.


Customised Itineraries to inspire you

For solo travellers, below are a few of our favourite experiences across East Africa. Get in touch with one of our safari specialists to help craft a personalised experience for you.

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We do not believe that any two itineraries should be similar. Our sample itineraries and cost estimates are just meant to guide you. For more information, please contact one of our safari specialists to help you craft a customized itinerary based on your requirements.